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An Earth Science Scandal

An Earth Science Scandal exposes the fact that high-Z energetic particles regularly penetrate Earth’s magnetic shield to strike Earth’s surface and create trace amounts of  radiometric isotopes; this removes the theoretical underpinnings of radiometric dating for dates over 7000 years.

Pangaea: The Lost Continent

Planet Earth started with one big flat continent, one shallow ocean and an ice layer about 14 km above the surface. This part of the Series takes you back in time to explore the features and conditions of life on Earth at the time of Pangaea. [image by the author]

Evidence from Calendars

Isolation resulting from the Cataclysm caused new people-groups to form. In isolation, they developed their own cultural identities and calendars. The oldest calendar-chronologies from the Mayan and Hebrew people-groups have known start dates prior to the Cataclysm; they provide evidence for when the Cataclysm occurred. [Mayan Calendar image by Brian, NCReedplayer/Flickr]

The Continental Cataclysm

Earth’s original continental crust broke along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge a long time ago. Then 400 years later: large pieces broke away, slid off the Ridge and hydroplaned away from it, creating tectonic plates and mountains. [image by Bob Butcher of Anchorage, Alaska]

Mayan Beginning

Researchers know the first day of the Mayan Calendar, but do not know the reason behind it.

Earth Initial Conditions

The initial conditions of Earth were much different than today: one big continent, an atmosphere much richer in hydrogen, helium and oxygen, and an ice layer.


A basalt mountain formed along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge which broke the original super-continent (Pangaea).

Earth's Surface Is Not a Closed System

Cosmic rays penetrate Earth’s magnetic shield. They penetrate and fuse with atoms inside rocks and material on the surface of the Earth, creating heavy isotopes.

Continental Drift: One Inch per Year

The assertion that continental drift has been ongoing from the ancient past until now is due to the geological principle: “The present is the key to the past.”

Fossil Creation

The sedimentation rate of rivers and glaciers is way too slow to cover fish, birds and animals before they decay beyond recognition.

Planets Born

Moons Born

Current Planets

Current Moons

Two planets were born between Mars and Jupiter: Illo and Smithereens

They each had at least one moon: Pluto and Ceres; but they crashed together: The Killer Crash

Learn more from Mass Vortex Theory (the book is due out soon).

8 planets with a total of 146 moons comprise our Solar System, as officially confirmed by NASA (April 2015).

The remains of planet Illo is a moon of Jupiter. The remains of Smithereens is distributed across the Asteroid Belt, Earth’s moon, the Sun and the Kuiper Belt.

8 of the moons from the Killer Crash are found in the Kuiper Belt and 1 is in the Scattered Disc.

Which Is a Better Explanation: Standard Theory or Mass Vortex Theory


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