The initial givens of Mass Vortex Theory are:

An initial nebula in space is not far-fetched; many are present throughout the universe. The ten large groups of iron-nickel atoms claimed by Mass Vortex Theory are feasible given: a) the atomic weights of these metals, b) the abundance of iron in the universe, and c) the observed heterogeneity of other nebulae in the cosmos that birth solar systems.

Mass Vortex Theory posits a black-hole singularity that becomes present in the nebula. Some readers may want to think of this as a kind of exotic form of a Standard-Theory black-hole, i.e. a place in space that hosts very dense matter. The conception of a black hole in Mass Vortex Theory is that it is an actual hole in space filled with pure mass. Mass flows through the hole to another dimension, a non-spatial dimension comprised of pure mass. Like a big reservoir of water where water flows in and out via pipes, pure mass flows in and out of space.

For now, please suspend your disbelief regarding the nature of the singularity. The important thing is that there is a black-hole singularity and it causes the Parent Cloud to turn into the Parent Vortex.

The initial nebula is called the Parent Cloud. When the singularity becomes present, all the mass of the Parent Cloud (including the pockets of metal atoms) starts moving towards the black hole. Just as water from a bathtub cannot all flow out the drain at one time, the mass of the Parent Cloud cannot flow out of space through the black hole at one time; therefore a vortex forms. This is a known phenomenon of physics involving the secondary flow associated with a drain-hole (i.e. a sink). The mass of the Parent Cloud flows towards the singularity, but it cannot all fit through the “sink” at one time, so it is deflected to move around the “hole.”4 The fluid dynamics of a sink-vortex secondary flow is beyond the scope of this post, but it worth noting that it is a known phenomenon which produces angular momentum when the system did not start with angular momentum.

This sink-vortex flow phenomenon is also present in the universe on the scale of galaxies, since spiral galaxies are composed of vortex flow around a black hole.

The gases of the Parent Cloud act like a fluid. We will call the resulting vortex the Parent Vortex. The point-like nature of the singularity and gravity cause the Vortex to flatten into a swirling disk (just like spiral galaxies).



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